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Below we've posted (with their permission) testimonials we received from some of our users.

This website is absolutely amazing, I cant believe that you guys are giving away free subscribers on youtube! I managed to gain a bit over 10,000 subscribers to my channel within a few hours. Thanks guys!
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  Greg Jones
MY YOUTUBE JUST GOT 8,000 NEW SUBSCRIBERS!!! THANK YOU! Your service is awesome! It was really fast, and the best thing about this is the subscribers I got were real and are actually watching my videos. I recommend it, thanks for all the new subs!
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  Lily B
I added 2,000 subscribers because I wanted more viewers to boost my channel... the next day when I checked my youtube account I had 2,000 new subscribers. Huge Thanks!!
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  Jonathan Doyle

300,000 Subscribers Available

We're often asked:
"If you have so many subscriptions available why can i only get 10,000 youtube subscribers added to my channel?"

The reason for this is that we always keep a backup of fresh subs to provide the best service. 

We have always done this and has allowed us to prolong the life of our website.

About Our Services

  • ALL of the subscribers we provide are active.
  • 9-12 hours delivery time
  • No login details required
  • No need to subscribe to any other channels
  • Will never get your youtube account banned
  • We use only the safest delivery methods

How do I get my subscribers?

Simply input the full URL to your channel on youtube in the box provided and press the Okay button, you will be redirected to another page where you can select how many subscribers you want.

Please ensure that the URL you enter is correct otherwise you wont receive any subscribers.


Youtube Channel URL

Your information is safe

Please remember that any information you give us is kept safe in our database and will never be shared or sold to anybody.

Please remember to submit a review after you have used our service!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you giving away free subscribers on Youtube?

This is the question that we get asked the most! Back in 2009 we were one of the first companies that began selling Youtube subscribers and views. For 4 years, our sales were going very well and we were making a huge amount of profit as one of the only options to buy real Youtube channel subscribers and views. Other companies began starting up, and the competition was fierce and the market became saturated. Others using bots could provide fake subscribers and fake views for extremely cheap which drove down the prices of all the services. There isn't much profit to be made anymore selling Youtube subscribers or views so we decided to shut down. We were left with dozens of youtube accounts with large followings, and eventually we decided what was best would be to use what's left of our youtube accounts to give back to the community that made us. We plan on continuing providing free subscribers and views until our accounts are no longer useful.

Can this get my Youtube account banned?

No. There is no chance that this will have ANY affect on your Youtube account. While adding fake subscribers are not allowed, we only provide subscribers from real live users. This does not go against Youtube's Terms of service. We simply promote your video/channel on our Youtube accounts and large Facebook pages. In the years we have been providing this service, not once have any of our users had any problems with their accounts.

We hope you now have a good understanding of how to use our service to enjoy the use of YTBlaster! If you need any more information or support remember that you can always contact us through our contact form.

The Youtube trademark is not owned by us and it is a property of its respective owners.

We do not make any claim to the Youtube trademark.

Meet The Team

HAAHAHA WOW!!I have 9400 subscribers now!!!!! You people are epic! I'm getting so many likes and views on my videos! I've been searching how to get free youtube subscribers for ages 😀
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  Sharon Hoffman
got 500 youtube subscribers for free! I didn't actually believe these subs would be real/would even show up on my youtube page. I was really surprised to see my videos start to get a ton of attention from new subscribers. Thanks guys fantastic service!
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  Steven Hobbs
Who ever is running this is awesome! Thank you so much for giving me subscribers! I love this site.
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  Andrew McDaniel